Wednesday, 8 August 2012

'Illumination [explored]' by Sherrie St. Hilaire...

OK, so I'm still totally engrossed in the Olympics. Today was all about the BMX bikes and once again my daughter had her dinner in front of the telly. I nearly forgot to make her dinner yesterday as I was so gripped by the cycling in the Velodrome! Normal meals times will resume next week when I will no doubt be back to being uninterested in anything sporty. Although there are the Paralympics soon...

Yes, this is a post about the Olympics but once again the photo hasn't got anything to do with sport. It's just really, really pretty. I love how this is so crisp and sharp but at the same time has such a dreamy feel.

If I waffle on about the Olympics again I promise I will actually use a vaguely sporty photo. Now there's a challege as I don't really know anything about sports photography!

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