Monday, 20 August 2012

'dusk and summer.' by brittnay

dusk and summer. by brittnay.
dusk and summer., a photo by brittnay. on Flickr.
It was such a weird day today. One minute it was sunny and the next minute it looked like it was going to pour down with rain. It meant I kept changing my mind about taking the kids to the park for a picnic lunch. In the end we decided to go for it and it didn't rain. In fact by the end of the afternoon it was really hot and sunny.

I love picnics. Such a lovely way to spend some time outside. Of course picnics with two children aren't quite as relaxing as they were when it was just me and the hubby . Or even when it was just me on my own with a really good book.

This is a really perfect lazy summer photo. I love the light and how you can see the sunset peaking through the trees. I sure could do with an afternoon relaxing like this.

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