Monday, 19 March 2012

Untitled image by esther jung

Untitled by esther jung
Untitled, a photo by esther jung on Flickr.

I love this image as it really sums up why I always get my photos printed and put in albums. I have so many albums full of photos of family, friends, days out and time spent at home. I've always found keeping albums important. Even before I had my own camera I would put together collections of the reject photos that my parents and grandparents took and gave to me. I'm always having a look at the many pictures on my computer but nothing beats settling down on the sofa and flicking through an old album full of memories. I really need to find somewhere to keep my growing photo album collection now though as I appear to be running out of space. Seriously, if I carry on at this rate I'm going to need a much bigger house!

I wonder what memories are held in the album in this lovely photo. Looks like some interesting shots from the past.


  1. Nothing can beat a real photo album! I have all mine printed too. I love flicking through vintage albums though at car boots ect!

  2. Great to hear you get yours printed too. So many people don't these days.


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