Sunday, 25 March 2012

'It's snowing' by Lorena Gazzotti

It's snowing by Lorena Gazzotti
It's snowing, a photo by Lorena Gazzotti on Flickr.

Well the clocks in the UK went forward by an hour this weekend but to be honest looking at the weather it's more like the calendar went forward. Seriously, it's more like May at the moment than March. Every time I dare to check the weather forecast it doesn't disappointment me either - looks like the coming week is meant to be just as wonderful.

To celebrate the continuing sunny weather I thought I'd post a highly inappropriate photo of some snow! I love this. It looks so cold but at the same time quite cozy. I also love how this scene is still a work in progress. It's still snowing. I wonder how much deeper it got that day. The snowflakes and the atmosphere have been captured so well.

I will stop talking about the weather soon I promise. It's just this kind of warmth and sunshine is quite a novelty in March so it's hard not to blog about it!


  1. Ooooh now that's a stunning photo and so lovely to see on a hot day in March :)

  2. The funny thing about March though is the weather could do anything. If it snowed like this I wouldn't be surprised!


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