Monday, 12 March 2012

'Saturday Evening' by Laura Travels

Saturday Evening by Laura Travels
Saturday Evening, a photo by Laura Travels on Flickr.

I seriously need to chill out. Over the past few days I have found myself getting more and more stressed out by things. I think I as I get closer to my due date I'm just finding all sorts of things to worry about. It doesn't help when you have hormones flying around all over the place that stop you dealing with things as well as you might do normally.

Anyway, I think you can guess why I've chosen this beautiful photo to share with you tonight. I think I could quite easily relax a little bit here. What an absolutely gorgeous sunset. The light is wonderful. I love the colour of the sky and how it makes the sand look rather blue.

And to be totally random... I've just remembered I took photos of some lovely daffodils today. Perhaps sorting through some of them would be rather relaxing!

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  1. Oh no, the dreaded stress! Hope you are okay. I'm stressing loads too and have been for weeks. I'm due 3 weeks today - eek! This pregnancy has flown.

    Beautiful photo - wish we are both there right now, stress free and sipping cocktails (non-alcoholic of course)!



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