Wednesday, 7 March 2012

'Night rain' by Tay-FUN

Night rain by Tay-FUN
Night rain, a photo by Tay-FUN on Flickr.

Another weather related post tonight I'm afraid as it rained a lot today. Seems like we're experiencing spring weather again just this time it's the wet kind. I wish I could say it was as breathtaking as this but it was just cold and miserable. I think this photo is stunning though. I love the lighting and the rain has been captured perfectly. I wonder how long the photographer stayed in here before going out to face the rain.


  1. That is beautiful.

    It was a nice day here yesterday and today looks even better so don't be sending any rain our way ;)

    Hope you are well xx

    1. Hooray! It's sunny again today!! I hope that's not because I sent the rain up to you though.

  2. oh I love the warmth in this photo despite the rain!


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