Tuesday, 27 March 2012

'Leather and Feather' by L.Moffett

Leather and Feather by L.Moffett
Leather and Feather, a photo by L.Moffett on Flickr.

I've got about a month to go until my baby is due. At this point in my first pregnancy I went on maternity leave from my job. To be honest just walking any distance was so difficult by that stage I think it would have been impossible to carry on much longer. I therefore spent my last few weeks of pregnancy sitting on the sofa watching TV and eating. Anyway, now my job is stay-at-home mum I'm wondering what the deal is with my maternity leave this time. How should I approach my daughter and tell her that she'll have to be making her own meals from now on and that'll she'll have to be making her own way to pre-school? Hee hee, good job I'm joking, I don't think that would go down too well! Actually, if I'm being honest I think the fact that I've had to spend this pregnancy running around after her has kept me much more mobile and in general I've suffered less with everything. The morning sickness even stopped at 30 weeks which after last time was so fabulous.

And here is a photo which has nothing to do with pregnancy and babies or even to do with the weather. I just wanted to show it to you because it's rather delicate and beautiful. I love peacock feathers and don't think I've seen a photo of one quite like this. Look at how all the little details are perfectly captured. Lovely work.

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  1. I would also like to know when my maternity leave begins!! 36 weeks? I need to put my feet up!!


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