Wednesday, 14 March 2012

'Ace & Allstars. 354:365' by sungazing

Ace & Allstars.  354:365 by sungazing
Ace & Allstars. 354:365, a photo by sungazing on Flickr.

It's great having a little girl who loves shoes and shoe shopping as much as I do! Today whilst in M&S my daughter spotted a pair of pink sparkly shoes both she and I fell in love with. This prompted me to take her to get a her feet measured to ensure we bought the right size. By the end of the afternoon she was a shoe size bigger and the proud own of two new pairs of shoes. It was a lovely girly shopping trip.

I'm posting this picture as I bet it'll make loads of you say "awwww". What a cute little kitten and the expression that's been captured is brilliant. I am also very excited by the shoes. Not seen that colour combination before. They're definitely getting added to my Converse wish list. Oh and one last thing - matching nail polish - like that lots too!

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  1. Sungazing is good, but do you know how it all started? Do you know who Hira ratan manek is?


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