Saturday, 5 November 2011

'Disney - The Wonderful World of Color - In Black & White - Wishes (Explored)' by Express Monorail

My husband and I love going to see an organised firework display on Fireworks Night. In fact we've pretty much been to one somewhere every year we've been together. However, this year my daughter's been saying for weeks how she hates fireworks and doesn't want to go. Fair enough I guess. The playing fields we usually go to see them at are very dark and for a little child could be very intimidating. She loved it the first year we went but last year she got all upset and we had to leave. Anyway, we respected her fears and stayed away tonight. So.... how come her and I spent the evening looking out of the window looking at the all the neighbours fireworks? And why after she went to bed was she still getting excited about them? Aparently she loves fireworks now! Oh well, roll on next year!

Here is a surprisingly stunning firework photo. I say surpising because you really wouldn't expect a black and white photo to be very interesting. Surely fireworks are all about the colours. However, this is excellent and the lack of colour makes it all the more striking. In fact I don't think this photo would have made nearly as much impact in colour.

Hope you've been having a nice (and safe) fireworks night.


  1. that is quite striking isn't it! I'd love to go to Disney Land one day. What were the fireworks for? We don't have them this time of year

  2. Guy Fawkes Night / Fireworks night is something we celebrate every year on 5th November. I guess I should have probably explained that for any readers in other countries. Not sure how much people know about British traditions.

  3. Oh, I too am ridiculously delighted by fireworks - love them! And I'm with you - this photo's divine. It shows perfectly why a good black and white photo is just so breathtakingly beautiful - the contrast, the depths, love it. I spent ages looking at it, whereas if it had been in colour I probably would have looked, smiled, and moved on.

  4. That is a pretty spectacular photo.

  5. That's so so amazing - I love really wouldn't expect the photo to work in black and white but I think it really does and probably looks better than it would if it were colour.

    Thanks for sharing this. We are off to Orlando in 2 months time so this is really exciting me :)


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