Sunday, 27 November 2011

'oh what a beautiful morning' by pam ullman

Did you all have a lovely weekend? Ours was great. We caught up with friends yesterday which involved the best fry-up at their local cafe, followed by spending ages in the local playground. The men did the playing while us girls sat on a bench for a natter. And of course it meant I could watch my daughter playing with her daddy. I love that, just sitting and appreciating what a happy little girl she is. Then today was a bit of a relaxy day. We did a little bit of shopping but mostly spent time catching up with things round the house and doing a lot of crafts with the little one! I even had an afternoon nap. And I NEVER sleep during the day. Not that I haven't tried but my body just doesn't seem to want to switch off normally.

I chose this picture to share with you today as it seemed like a perfect relaxed Sunday image. It was taken just after sunrise apparently. What a beautiful start to the day and perfectly captured by the photographer.


  1. It really is a relaxing photograph.

  2. I have saved this picture in my gallery. This is such a beautiful photo, used it as my whatsapp dp for a long time.


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