Tuesday, 29 November 2011

'A piece of my world' by Kursiv

A piece of my world by Kursiv
A piece of my world, a photo by Kursiv on Flickr.

This time last year it snowed. And it wasn't just a spinkling of snow it was the proper thick stuff. A little part of me hoped it would snow early again this year - I think because my daughter is so excited at the prospect - but in reality I'd rather it stayed away until after Christmas. December is always such a busy time and I don't want to spend it worrying about whether things are going to have to be cancelled due to the weather. I wouldn't mind a little snow in January though. After all we've finally forked out on proper snow boots for each of us and of course I really need to get some pretty snowy photos.

Here is an extremely pretty snowy photograph. In fact 'pretty' is the wrong word really because I think it's truly stunning. It's the beautiful light that does it for me. It makes me want to squeal a little in delight. And look at the perfect freshly fallen snow. I wonder how long it stayed like that for.

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