Thursday, 10 November 2011

'L O S T D R E A M S O N W A X' by *r3M'S*

L O S T   D R E A M S   O N   W A X by *r3M'S*
L O S T D R E A M S O N W A X, a photo by *r3M'S* on Flickr.

I really am so tired at the moment and have found I’m lacking a little in motivation and inspiration for my blog, therefore I’ve decided to throw the floor open to you lovely readers again. What would you like to see photos of on here? I did this a little while ago and it was interesting to see what kind of things you love to look at. So come on do tell. What kind of photos would you like me to show you? I’d love to hunt out something just for you to make you smile.

And I'm featuring this photo today just because it's pretty darn amazing. I don't know how this was taken but... wow, it's effective. And if the subject itself isn't awesome enough then add together the great colour tones and you've got yourself an truly spectacular photograph!


  1. Wow! That photo is amazing.

    I'm feeling the snap of Winter on it's way at the moment so I'd like to see some stunning Wintery shots. The frost and clear skies we had earlier this week have been beautiful.

  2. I love pictures of fairy lights and anything with a bokeh effect. Also I adore anything kitsch.

    sam x

  3. That is one amazing photo!

    I'm always happy to drool over baked goods and sweets! :D


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