Tuesday, 8 November 2011

'Balloons' by Me

Balloons by PhotoPuddle
Balloons, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

It’s been a while since I announced I was pregnant so I thought it was time for a little update on how things are going. I’m nearly 16 weeks now and still have morning sickness but it’s not too bad. In fact I’d say it was just getting tedious. But that’s a good thing. My morning sickness when pregnant with my daughter was soul destroying and miserable for the whole nine months.

And excitingly I finally have a little bit of a bump. Although to be honest nobody’s really going to notice because it’s nearly winter and I’m wearing coats and big jumpers at the moment. It’s rather annoying actually because most of my maternity clothes from first time round are quite redundant. I lost a little bit of weight recently so the trousers I wore before are all too big for me now. The tops fit fine but because I was pregnant in the summer before I just have lots of little t-shirts which aren’t going to be much use over the next few months. I guess perhaps it’s an excuse to go shopping. Don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes but I have bought some lovely pairs of jeans which are so comfy. As I live in jeans these days I thought a few comfy pairs were an absolute must.

And talking of shopping I don’t think we’ve done any whatsoever for the baby yet. We’ve realised that we pretty much have everything we need already except for a buggy. We need a new one of those as our original one got broken. No idea where to start though as I’m really looking for the perfect one.

Anyway, I could go on but I am sure you’re keen to see a photo of some kind. Well here’s one I took of some of the balloons we’ve had kicking around the house lately. We’ve got so many left over from birthday celebrations and from Halloween. Seems a shame to pop them and I don’t think my daughter would be impressed. I think we may have to discretely let a few go soon though!


  1. Lovely to hear how you are getting along. Bizarrely, after my sickness stopped a few weeks back I was sick this morning, badly! Don't know where it came from. I was just sick and then ok.

    I'm the same as you on the maternity clothes. I've got mine out and they are HUGE as I lost a lot of weight before conceiving. Shame I'm not the same as you on the bump situation though, my belly is HUGE!

    Got my 20 week scan next week. Yours must be just before Christmas yes? How exciting :)


  2. I didn't know that you were pregnant.....am obviously very unobservant on your blog and Twitter!! Huge Congratulations hunny x

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy - I always loved being pregnant. I wore the same stuff over and over with mine.

    Love the balloons - great colours!


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