Wednesday, 23 November 2011

'Fly Away Home' by Hueystar

Fly Away Home by Hueystar
Fly Away Home, a photo by Hueystar on Flickr.

A little Christmas update... All the presents we bought this weekend are now wrapped. I thought I'd attempt a wrapping session this afternoon with my three year old and amazingly she didn't get bored and we had great fun together. I love the fact that she's excited about the presents we're giving other people and it's not just about what she wants and might be getting.

This isn't a Christmassy photo, I thought I'd save them for the time being, but it did make me go "wow"! The compostion is awesome. Love how the birds were flying by at exactly the right moment. The subject of the picture is adorable. How lovely for the mother and child to be taking a stroll down to the sea on such a beautiful evening. And talking of evening - that is one beautifully captured sunset.


  1. I think that's one of the most amazing sunset shots I've seen, the colours are amazing.

    I need to crack on with my Christmas shopping today. I've bought all the family kids presents and I've bought MC's too. Just need to tackle the adults really.


  2. it made me go wow too. beautiful!


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