Friday, 25 November 2011

'12/30' by kirstinmckee

12/30 by kirstinmckee
12/30, a photo by kirstinmckee on Flickr.

I'm not usually a huge fan of blurriness in photos (except for really beautiful bokeh). I like images to be really sharp, crisp and clear. However, I love this picture. It's just one big blur but it's the sharpest, crispest blur ever. I hope one day I can take a night photo as amazing as this. Everything has been captured perfectly. London has so many opportunities for beautiful night photos. Personally I'm hoping to get some of this year's Oxford Street Christmas lights. Hoping I might get the chance in a few weeks.

Happy weekend folks. Hope you all have a lovely time whatever your plans are!


  1. I am honoured to have had a picture featured on your blog. I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Kirstin. x

  2. That's a great pic! x

  3. wow wow wow this shot is amazing!


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