Thursday, 7 July 2011

'detective privé' by Thibaut Lafaye

detective privé by Thibaut Lafaye
detective privé, a photo by Thibaut Lafaye on Flickr.

I don't really feature many black and white photos on here, nor do I actually do much black and white photography myself. I do really like it though, perhaps it all started with the arty Athena posters of the 1990s - yes I had that famous man with baby poster on my wall. Seriously though, I think a black and white photo can be so powerful. This one for example had me staring at it for ages, so much so I just had to post it here. I'm not sure what it is about it exactly, I am just so intruiged by it and I almost feel like I am walking down that street myself. What do you think? Are you drawn to this picture and if so do tell me why?


  1. That is a great shot, but I can't really explain why either! I love black and white photos, and yes I also had that Athena poster :)

  2. thank you to post my photography


    thibaut lafaye


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