Monday, 11 July 2011

'this is the center of the universe......' by m1nna

Summer decided to make an appearance again today! The weather was just like it should be for the middle of July. My daughter and I had a lovely day just hanging out in the sunshine. The day started with a bit of a lie in - we'd obviously worn her out yesterday, then after getting a few boring jobs done round the house we hit the park and had a picnic, played football, ran around a lot, went to the playground and played in the sandpit. And if that wasn't enough fun we then went off to the library and then home for ice lollies and more fun in the garden. Days like this are so simple but so much fun. I love just hanging out with my daughter.

Because we were making sandcastles in the sandpit today I thought that it would be a good excuse to show you a lovely sandcastle photograph. I this is just delightful and the sunlight is so pretty. What I love most though is that this doesn't appear to be a kid's sandcastle. If you look closely it appears to have been made using disposable plastic cups. The person who took this must have been hanging out on the beach, having a drink and then fancied building a castle in the sand complete with feather flag pole. I think it's lovely.

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  1. Lovely summer days. You can't beat a picnic and the park.


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