Wednesday, 20 July 2011

'Fisher Price Vintage' by tienvijftien

Fisher Price Vintage by tienvijftien
Fisher Price Vintage, a photo by tienvijftien on Flickr.

I am posting this photo as this is what I did today. I got to play with my old Fisher Price record player which I hadn't realised my sister had kept from our childhood. So many memories... I think most of my childhood toys were Fisher Price ones which then progressed on to Sindy and Barbie stuff. You should have seen the excitement on my face when I got the Barbie Dream House one Christmas.

Anyway, whilst looking for Fisher Price pictures I stumbled across this one which I thought was very pretty. Love the bokeh and the soft colours. It's a really artistic shot. I also think they chose the right colour record to use. The other ones would have been to bright.

Maybe I'll go look for Barbie Dream House images now.....


  1. Oh, how cute! Very nice photo!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing this pic, it instantly made me smile and took me back to my childhood. Such a simple image, but so evocative.

  3. Love it, I had one of these!

  4. Oh what memories!We had this too,along with lots of other fisher price and the Sindy and Barbie stuff, although it was my sister who had the dream house leaving me traumatised for life! ;) I know lots will still be in my mums loft as she keeps everything so think I'll be rooting at the weekend!x

  5. Pleased I made so many of you feel all nostalgic!

  6. Very nice... you're right about the memories it brings back. I wonder if today's kids would know what this thing is supposed to be? I don't think a Fisher Price iPod toy would be the same.


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