Tuesday, 26 July 2011

'Summer dress' by Me

Summer dress by PhotoPuddle
Summer dress, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

A few months ago I told myself it'd be the summer of the dress but unfortunately it's not kind of happened. I've been wearing skirts and dresses if I'm out of an evening so a big pat on the back for me there but during the day it turns out I'm still and jeans, leggings and shorts type person. This photo is of a dress I bought in April which I've only worn once. I blame the weather, I'm sure I'd have been more up for dresses if it'd been warmer! I like this photo because it was a random one. I just saw the dress hanging on the back of the door and though it would make a nice shot... and I think it did!


  1. Lovely photo and gorgeous frock! I too intended to wear more skirts this year. I too have failed (although I did have one on today!)!

  2. Very summery. Pity you haven't been able to wear it more

  3. I agree - it's just TOO COLD. Stupid British weather.


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