Sunday, 17 July 2011

'Paris, je t'aime' by improduktywiontko

Paris, je t'aime by improduktywiontko
Paris, je t'aime, a photo by improduktywiontko on Flickr.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was nice but a little bit unbalanced. Yesterday was super busy during the day and the evening but today we've hardly done a thing. A good job though really as I'm totally exhausted.

I hope you like the photo I've chosen to show you tonight as I think it's rather beautiful. The Eiffel Tower has been photographed so many times and always looks amazing. I was really interested to see an alternative take on an Eiffel Tower shot and pleased to see it still looks fantastic! I love the dramatic contrast of the black silhouette against the sky. And the design of the tower really is stunning. I wonder if it's possible to take a bad photo of this famous landmark.


  1. That ironwork (is it iron? some kind of metal anyhow) is actually very pretty close up.

  2. I love the colours and the detail in this, the black is quite lace like this close x

  3. Fran - I've no idea but let's pretend we know what we're talking about and say it's iron.
    Mummy V - Ooo, yes it does look like lace doesn't it!
    Cassandra - Yes, it is so nice.

  4. I really wanna go to Paris too! hehe what do you think of my photoblog?


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