Thursday, 31 March 2011

'Sagrada Familia. Barcelona.-' by ancama_99(toni)

I've always like to keep my blog happy and lighthearted but today I feel the need to pour my heart out a little so I hope you'll bear with me because I'm feeling a little fragile right now. Basically we've been on holiday in Barcelona this week but on the second day I managed to crack my head open on a little shop door (long story). The blood rather freaked me out and I did a lot of screaming. Anyway, I ended up being taken to hospital in an ambulance where they stitched me up. They said I will be fine and I don't appear to have an side effects yet but it's shaken me up so much. I just wish I could stop crying randomly.

Anyway, this won't stop be posting a fantastic photo. This is of the Temple of la Sagrada Família in Barcelona. It makes me feel very guilty as my husband really wanted to see it but we never made it there because of me. This photo is so dramatic and cool, I really wish I had seen it with my own eyes. Next time eh? I hope we do return one day as it's a great city and the people there are so nice.

Hope you've all been having a better week than me.


  1. You poor thing. I have moments like this where I hurt myself or do something silly - don't be hard on yourself, it happens to us all and the random crying is completely normal - I promise it will pass - you've had a massive shock and have got to heal mentally as well as physically, try and have a little bit of down time.
    As for Sagrada Familia, isn't it incredible! We grew up having family holidays to visit friends in Barcelona so this has a special place in my heart. And you'll go back and see it another time - it's not due to be finished for another 100 years so there's no rush!

  2. Oh poor you :( I hope you recover quickly and that you get to go back one day. It really is an amazing place x

  3. oh, poor you! hope you're back to full health soon! xx

  4. Oh no! What a shame. The important thing is there is no major damage done. To the shop door, I mean... ;-)

    Take care. Peace, out.

  5. You poor thing - and on holiday too. We honeymooned in Barcelona so it holds a special place in my heart.

    You know that church is a building site don't you? Oh okay, lame joke.

  6. Oh, lovely, what a shame.

    Little shop door wasnt Imaginarium, was it?

    Was hoping to find out where you did actually go but it doesn't sound like you got about much.

  7. Oh, poor you! What a shame for that to happen right near the start of your holiday. (I notice you say you don't have any side affects "yet" - I've heard that head wounds can bleed quite a lot even if they're quite superficial, so if they say you'll be ok, I think you can be pretty confident there won't be any side effects now. Maybe have a quick chat with your GP for reassurance?)

    Barcelona is lovely, we went there on honeymoon too and I'd love to go back, although maybe not with the kids until they're older.

  8. Wow, I only posted this an hour and a half ago and already so many lovely comments. Thank you - you are all wonderful x x x

  9. Oh no! Hope you get to go back one day and do it again (the sightseeing not the injuring). Get better soon xx

  10. Oh you poor love, whilst on holiday too. Don't worry about feeling delicate, the things which knock us off balance are often the things we least expect. Hope you are feeling more like the real you now.

    MD xx


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