Friday, 1 April 2011

'Cadbury mini eggs' by Guðmunda

Cadbury mini eggs, originally uploaded by Guðmunda.

Well in an update to yesterday's post, I went to the doctor today and he thinks I should be just fine. I am still incredibly upset and shaken up though so I won't make this a long post or I may start boring you with my tales of woe. Instead I'll show you this fantastic photo of Mini Eggs. I have rather lost my appetite at the moment except for chocolate and could quite happily devour a whole bag of these right now. But Mini Eggs was last night. Tonight is Mint Aero.

Have a great weekend everyone and I shall try to make sure that happy blogging will resume shortly!


  1. I want you to lie down and consumer several of these eggs this weekend. You take care of yourself!!


  2. Oh I can understand how you would be shaken up. Cracking your head open anywhere would be upsetting, especially while you are somewhere vacationing. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. so many beautiful images on your blog! happy weekend


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