Monday, 7 March 2011

'Battersea Power Station' by rmrayner

Battersea Power Station, originally uploaded by rmrayner.

We took a trip into London today and had a fabulous time. We went to the Science Museum which was good fun.Then as it was such a beautiful day we took a stroll through Hyde Park before popping to Oxford and Regent Street for a spot of shopping. Well we just had to take the little one to Hamleys! It was rather cold out but we soon forgot about that as the sun was just so beautiful. And I actually saw a tree full of blossom. I was so excited that I actually did squeal out loud a little.

Today's photo is a London themed one. It's of Battersea Power Station which is a landmark that just fascinates me. In many ways it's quite ugly but at the same time just magnificent. I think it would be such a shame if they decided to tear it down one day. I was drawn to this picture because of the colours. They are just so surreal and really striking. I love the clouds too. I like how they take up only the bottom half of the sky in this shot! Great image!


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