Thursday, 24 March 2011

'daffodils in a enamel kettle' by air-kiss

daffodils in a enamel kettle, originally uploaded by air-kiss.

It was such beautiful spring day today. In fact at some points it even felt like summer. Little one and I spent the afternoon at a fantastic park that's fairly near us and had a fabulous time together. I had hoped to get some lovely daffodil photos as they were everywhere but unfortunately this wasn't going to be possible. There's no way of hiding behind a camera, crouching down and taking photos of flowers whilst at the same time stopping your two year old from running off! Never mind there are a lot of daffodils around at the moment, I'm sure I'll get the opportunity soon!

So as I didn't get many daffodil photos taken myself here is a beautiful one by someone else that I think you might like. I love the soft colours and I think the composition is great. I like the way that the daffodils are displayed in lots of different ways. But best of all I just think it's really pretty.

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