Tuesday, 1 March 2011

'diamonds' by Bator Horvath

diamonds, originally uploaded by Bator Horvath.

Wow, it's the first day of March and as far as I'm concerned that means it's spring! I know there are official dates for the beginning of each season but for me winter is just December, January and February. I can't put up with it for longer than that.

I could have posted a lovely spring picture of daffodils or such like but here is a more realistic spring picture! It may be a shot of the rain but I think it's beautiful. The way the photographer has captured each rain drop is brilliant but what I love most is the colour. I just love that deep turquoise colour!

Happy March everyone!


  1. Like you, March 1 marks the beginning of spring for me. Such a beautiful photo - bring the rain, I just don't want snow or ice.

  2. Yay for march! (although it doesn't feel like spring where I live!). Love the photo, gorgeous!


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