Sunday, 20 March 2011

'love' by rhirhian

love, originally uploaded by rhirhian.

I'm thinking about trying something new photographically and am currently toying with the idea of getting an instant Polaroid camera. I just like the idea of getting a print instantly and I like that retro feel you get from a polaroid. And the pressure of basically having only one chance to get it right could be an interesting challenge too. I'm now so used to digital cameras and being able to snap away until I think I've got something half decent. I also like the idea of being about to display the photos in intresting ways like in the photo above. I'd definitely like to try hanging some up with pegs like this. I really love the polaroid shots in this picture too - especially the first one of the new york cabs.

So.... can anyone advise me? I know nothing about Polaroid and instant cameras. Is it a worthy investment? What type should I go for? Is the film still readily available? Help!


  1. Hello, I just found your blog via "I'll Think of a Title Later". I too am a photographer and love looking at the work of others! I'm following along now :)
    you can find me at
    If that doesn't work, just click on my name at the top and you should be able to find me :)


  2. I love Polaroids. I have some in a photo album from a mini camera that I used to have. I think they work best for portrait photos. The film is quite expensive I think.

  3. I wish I had a polaroid!! I've only seen them at antique shops, so I'm not sure where you can find them. I've also heard that they dont't sell the film for them anymore :( But I hope you can find one! :)

  4. Thanks for the advice. Something to have a think about then.

    And hello to my new follower Penny x

  5. I love polaroids - but the films are so expensive!


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