Wednesday, 2 March 2011

'Pink Magnolias' by eRachel11

Pink Magnolias, originally uploaded by eRachel11.

I get a huge whoosh of nostalgia when I see pink magnolia trees. As a child we had one in our garden and I have so many happy memories of it. Funny how you can feel so nostalgic about a tree. I remember the feel of the petals. They are so thick aren't they? I also remember the leaves being huge - or was I just small. My biggest memory though has to be the two lowest branches which for some reason had been cut off to stumps so I used them as microphones and used to sing into them! How funny!

I miss that tree so that's why when I saw this photo I just had to post it. It's beautiful and the colours are just perfect. Like in yesterday's picture, it's all about the turquoise. I love that light turquoise sky. And I love the retro tones as it makes it an even more nostalgic shot!


  1. That is a lovely photo, we also had a magnolia tree in our garden when I was growing up I remember the leaves being huge too!

  2. I just love the colours in this one. Our neighbours have a magnolia tree and I love to watch it change with the seasons.


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