Thursday, 21 October 2010

'Young Love' by Me

Young Love, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

I took this photo yesterday on a trip to the local farm. It’s my daughter and her “boyfriend”. His mother and I are always joking about them getting married one day as they get on so well. They were so cute holding hands all day. In fact I’d love it if they got married when they grew up just so I could give them this photo to put on their wall. I might just put this in a frame for myself now anyway because I’m a soppy old thing. I hope this display of young love makes you smile because it sure makes me happy.


  1. That is lovely, PP. So cute.

  2. oh my gosh--so stinkin' cute!! Love it!

  3. Ah that's lovely, Leo's got a little girlfriend too - I love seeing them together!

  4. thats just too adorable! great photo!!! :)

    wouldn't that be quite the story if they did get married one day.. what a love story that would be :)

  5. Beautiful photograph. Perfectly captures the moment!


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