Tuesday, 5 October 2010

'that pink feeling' by tonbel

that pink feeling, originally uploaded by tonbel.

I'm feeling a bit run down tonight for one reason or another and the miserable weather really doesn't lift the mood. I was going to post a sunny, tropical beach photo to cheer myself up and give me something to daydream of but then I saw this. It may be a rainy day photo but it really made me smile. Children are so wonderful aren't they? They are so care free and every day is just a big adventure. And I've yet to see a child not enjoy playing in the rain. In fact when I was young and it was tipping it down with rain I used to beg my mum to let me go play outside. Therefore, if it's raining tomorrow you know what I'm going to do. I'm going to get my daughter and I dressed up in our raincoats and boots and go splashing in puddles! I think she'd rather like it, and so might I.


  1. haha,that's ok:)rainy days can be also exciting. you can't do anything against it, just take a "parapluie"

  2. It really is hard not to smile when looking at that photo. Earlier this year my husband, daughter, and I went to Miami. I was at an event and when I came back I asked my husband what they did. He told me he and our daughter (not yet 2 at the time) had gone out to the front of the hotel and just played in the rain. They both had a great time and apparently so did the concierge.

    I want to thank you for visiting and lending me your kind support during what has been a difficult time for me. I am grateful.


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