Sunday, 24 October 2010

'145/365 Read to forget' by Gibson Claire McGuire Regester

It's rather chilly out. Winter is just round the corner. I don't mind too much, but that's probably because it's still quite sunny and I am enjoying wearing my winter clothes again. Some old favourites and some new ones like my new furry boots. I'll probably be OK with the winter weather until Christmas because there's always lots going on to distract me. It's January, February and March which are the coldest and longest months for me! Especially if it snows again like last winter.

All this winter talk made me think it'd be nice to post something a bit summery. So for all those of you out there who are experiencing weather a little colder than you'd like here is a lovely summer picture. I just love the colours. The golden tones are just beautiful and I love the red dress. I think I'd rather like to be in that photo myself right now!


  1. Oooohhh, how I wish that was me, just for an hour! Jen

  2. I wish I was doing that right now... what a great image or R&R =)

  3. Can I be there right now too!! I think I'm more relaxed at the moment just by looking at this photo. :)

    Have a fabulous day!



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