Saturday, 16 October 2010

'★cake' by D - {M u n k h u u l e i}

★cake, originally uploaded by {D - M u n k h u u l e i}.

Often it's the simplest of photos which are the most effective and this is one of those pictures. This is just a doughnut on a table but I think it's gorgeous. It's the tone of the picture that does it and it also looks so delicious. I could dive into that right now. We were actually looking at doughnuts in the supermarket earlier but I decided to be good and didn't buy any. Regretting that decision a bit now!


  1. Oh, now I really want one too! I did the same the other day, I resisted the Krispy Kremes when I was in town and I'm still regretting it! Yummy picture :)

  2. I love photos that are simple. This is such a lovely and simple photo...and yummy too!

  3. Oh my... I really want a doughnut. : ) Love the processing on this photo

  4. Now I am hungry, and I wasn't before I visited lol. Oh the power of a great photo! Jen


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