Thursday, 14 October 2010

'Sylvania Magicubes' by Rody Hohberg

Sylvania Magicubes, originally uploaded by Rody Hohberg.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you about my first camera. I think I must have been my 10th birthday when I got my disc camera. If you don't know what I'm talking about have a look here. My first photos included my family, my toys and various school trips. All are rather blurry and grainy although I suspect that might have as much to do with the quality fo the camera as my photographic skills. The camera took a film that had just 15 exposures on it. When you compare it to the thousands of pictures I take now I'm not sure how I coped. And what was even more annoying was the flash. There wasn't a flash attached to the camera, oh no that would have been far too simple, you had to buy flash cubes which were attached to top of camera. Once you took a photo using a flash then that flash was dead therefore one flash cube meant just four photos. When taking a photo you had to decide whether you really needed it to be lit up or not. You can tell by some of my very dark photos that there were many times I had either run out of flash cubes or decided not to use one.

This photo brings back so many memories. These are the same flash cubes I used to use on my little disc camera. I wonder why this photographer had some lying around that he could photograph. The photo is great. I love the simplicity. I wouldn't have thought there was much you could do with flash cubes to make them look interesting but I really like how they've been arranged.

So tell me, what was your first camera?


  1. I can't remember but i've never seen the flash cube before, how interesting. Yes what would we do without digital photos now? I used to spend a fortune on developing as it was. ;)

  2. Those cubes bring back so many memories. I haven't thought about flash cubes in ages. I might have never thought of them again if you didn't remind me.

  3. I had completely forgotten about flash cubes! Thanks for sharing the memory.

  4. Flash cube flashback. So funny! I had totally forgotten about those things.


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