Wednesday, 18 December 2013

'christmas time!' By SabaPhotography

christmas time! by SabaPhotography
christmas time!, a photo by SabaPhotography on Flickr.

As I type this post I am listening to the rain absolutely hammering it down outside. The weather is truly rubbish and I am so pleased it wasn't like this during the day when I had to be outside. I am also sat in bed trying to shoo away a slight cold I have. I don't have time to be ill right now so I really could do with the sniffles not turning into anything else.

So as that's the reality of Christmas for me this evening I thought I would share this photo with you that I feel is Christmassy but real. It's not a happy festive image but it not a depressing image either. It's just.... real. I wish I could find better words to describe why I like it.

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