Sunday, 29 December 2013

'Pretty drinks on Boxing Day' by Me

I've been having a think and have come up with a few new year's resolutions. So I won't hang about, here they are.

Number one, and my main focus for the year really, is to become a better mum. I think I am a good mum but not as organised as I could be. I've always been very good at doing activities and going fun places but since my daughter started school in September I feel I've kind of been bumbling along a bit. I need to make much more of that time between school kicking out and bedtime. Also I don't think I've totally cracked being a mum to a boy yet. Definitely another thing to work on and I think a lot of that will take place running around outside!

My second resolution follows on from one I made for this year. I didn't want to put on weight or need to go on a diet and I don't really but my diet is appalling. This year I want to eat much more healthily. I will even have a go at getting my five-a-day.

Thirdly, money. I want to be a bit more thrifty this year. Not much to say about that really. Just a bit of think before I spend.

And finally, I am going to work on my yarn based crafts. I will try and crack crochet in the next twelve months. All I want to do is be able to make a granny square. And I want to learn more knitting techniques too. I am good with stitches but want to work more in different colours.

Right, so that's it from me. Fingers crossed I can keep these resolutions and achieve these goals.


  1. Have you come across 'Slugs in the Refrigerator'? She did a Crochet Camp last year and Knit Camp has just started. All posts are in the blog archive so you could work your way through. Kat is really good at these things!

  2. No I don't think I've actually come across her. Must go and check her out. Thanks xxx


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