Sunday, 22 December 2013

'Make something' by Becky Sue

Make something by Becky❤Sue
Make something, a photo by Becky❤Sue on Flickr.

The run up to Christmas has been, and continues to be, so busy. Quiet frankly I am getting more and more tired by the day. I'll be having an afternoon snooze on Christmas Day at this rate. (This obviously isn't really going to happen but it does remind me of the Christmas Day two years ago when I was pregnant and really did have a two hour afternoon nap!)

Anyway, we are busy, busy, busy, until the day after Boxing Day when I think we can actually start to relax a little bit. That's my plan anyway. I would really just like some chilled out time at home with my family. We shall just have to see how that turns out!

Here is a photo of how I wouldn't mind spending Christmas. Snuggled up in front of the fire (we don't actually have a fire but for the purpose of this fantasy let's pretend we do) with something nice to eat and drink and my latest piece of knitting on the go. Such a lovely warm and cozy photo. Perhaps I'll just sit and look at this and try to relax.

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