Monday, 5 August 2013

'Keep Your Composure...' By o . live . ia

Keep Your Composure... by o . live . ia
Keep Your Composure..., a photo by o . live . ia on Flickr.

Tonight I am dedicating this post to my wonderful four year old daughter because there are a few things she's said or done today that I really want to write down and remember forever.

This morning she was sat on the other side of the room with her paper and pens. I didn't really know what she was doing but then she came over with a piece of paper that said "I love you so much". This made me smile so much, and of course feel proud, after all she's only four so I reckon writing thing like that on your own at that age is very impressive.

Then later on while we were out her little brother was making a fuss because he didn't want to be in his pushchair. I was getting a bit frustrated with him but she took the situation into her own hands started a game of peek-a-boo with him. He was giggling within seconds. Where am I going to be without my little helper when she's at school all day every day?

And the last thing I want to remember is what she said about her day when she saw her Daddy that evening. She told him that it had felt like her, her brother and I had been on a little holiday today. We only went into the next town on the train. We went to the library then soft play, followed by some clothes shopping in H&M. I then treated her to McDonalds for tea. It doesn't sound like a particularly out of the ordinary day but it made me smile that she found it so special.

As my daughter is really loving butterflies at the moment I thought I'd find a really beautiful butterfly photo for her. I love this one so much. Mainly because of it's wonderful simplicity. I'll show it to my daughter in the morning and see if she loves it as much as I do.

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