Wednesday, 14 August 2013

'Favourite magazines' by Me

Favourite magazines by PhotoPuddle
Favourite magazines, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

I'm feeling a little under the weather at the moment and could really do with a day off. But, and here comes the sob story, as stay-at-home mum in the middle of the school holidays there is no chance of that. It has got me thinking though exactly what I would do if I could have the whole day all to myself. I have come up with three possible scenarios.

Firstly, stay in bed all day. I would snuggle up under the duvet, watch DVDs and catch up on all the programmes on my Sky box. I would also read lots of magazines (my favourites are shown the photo above), finish the book I'm reading and perhaps indulge in some knitting or crochet.

The only trouble with a day like that would be that I'd feel like I wasted it. Therefore option number two is a bit more productive. I would also like a day where I could just crack on with stuff that needed doing round the house. Jobs that are impossible to get done with an adventurous one year old in the house. Jobs like clearing out the kitchen cupboards and under my bed. A great day of cleaning and decluttering.

But the trouble with all that is that it does sound a bit like too much hard work for a day off. I think that my third idea might be better. This would involve a day out. I would take myself off to London or Brighton. I would take a whole heap of photos, buy myself some pretty things, sit in a coffee shop and read in peace and generally do some exploring.

The more I think about it the more I now realise I would like three days off! What about you? What would be your perfect day off?

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