Tuesday, 20 August 2013

'whisper in autumn' by mayu♪

whisper in autumn by mayu♪
whisper in autumn, a photo by mayu♪ on Flickr.

The countdown to the end of summer has begun and autumn is on the way. I don't know what it is but there is definitely a whiff of autumn in the air already. The weather's still nice so it can't be that but there is something. Perhaps it's the shorter days as the sun seems to have all of a sudden started setting so much earlier. Or perhaps it's because my daughter now has a wardrobe full of name-taped school uniform all ready to be worn for the very first time. Whatever it is I am going to try and embrace it and not be sad that summer is over for another year.

This year I really want to take some lovely autumn photos. I say this every year but never seem to manage it. I need to find some beautiful places with gorgeous trees that will have turned every shade of brown, yellow and orange. This lovely photo has filled me full of inspiration and makes me think I should order myself some more polaroid film too.

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  1. nooo too early for autumn, I haven't had enough summer yet


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