Monday, 19 August 2013

'Bee' by floridapfe

Bee by floridapfe
Bee, a photo by floridapfe on Flickr.

I'm posting another insect photograph tonight. Not because I suddenly love creepy crawlies but because I got stung by a bee today. It really hurt, in fact it's still a bit swollen and sore now. I thought though that I would use my pain as an excuse to post a pretty picture. I think this one of a bee is beautiful. It's hard to imagine something as delicate looking as this could cause so much pain. And in the interest of keeping this post factually correct I wasn't stung by a bee like this. I was stung by a big fat furry bumble bee. I felt rather sorry for it when it whimpered off and died just a few feet away. Hope you've all had a less painful start to your week.

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