Wednesday, 7 August 2013

'Polargram love' by Me

Polargram love by PhotoPuddle
Polargram love, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.
Let me start by saying this definitely isn't a sponsored post. I just am really pleased with this particular photo related product and wanted to share my enthusiasm with you.

For ages I've been wanting to get my Instagram pictures printed but most companies that did it seem to be based in America and rather expensive. Then the other week I was introduced to Polargram and have been nothing but impressed with the service. It cost me £10 for 48 prints which I think is fantastic value. The ordering and payment system couldn't be more simple and they arrived much quicker than the 10 working days I was told to allow for. And most importantly the quality of the prints is excellent. The card they're printed on is great and I think the pictures themselves actually look even better than they do on my phone. I was so impressed that I ordered another set tonight. I think I'll probably keep going until I get all my Instagram photos printed. I just have to find somewhere suitably pretty to store them now!


  1. I've just ordered some of these as a surprise for C's birthday :)

    1. A fab gift. Be warned though you'll both love them so much you'll want to order more.

  2. I couldn't resist and finally had a chance to order some. Thanks for the recommendation.


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