Friday, 6 April 2012

Untitled image by JenniPenni

Untitled by JenniPenni
Untitled, a photo by JenniPenni on Flickr.

Well it's Good Friday today so to those of you having an extra long weekend, I hope you have a lovely relaxing time. The sun is shining here at the moment and there are chocolate eggs in the kitchen all ready for Sunday. Already that promises to be a good recipe for a nice few days.

Here are some cute little Easter bunnies for you to have a look at. Isn't this picture adorable? You can almost feel how soft these animals are just by looking a this image. I want a cuddle. I really have no desire to ever have a pet but if I did these cute little things could swing it for me. I rather like rabbits!

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

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  1. OMG small world! I knew this photo as soon as I saw it as Jenni is one of my contacts on Flickr :)

    Love rabbits - had them as pets whilst growing up and I keep telling MC to pester Daddy for one so I can get one.

    Have a lovely Easter my dear xx


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