Tuesday, 10 April 2012

'Aero Mint' by mayme1983

Aero Mint by mayme1983
Aero Mint, a photo by mayme1983 on Flickr.

I must admit I've not felt much like blogging these past few days. I've kind of drafted a few posts that try to explain how I'm feeling about things but they just don't sound right. Perhaps later this week I will use my blog to offload a bit but for today let's just make it all about the photos! Here is a fantastic photo of something I've been craving and indeed scoffing a lot of recently. Mint Aero chocolate. Oh it is so good and to be honest this photo isn't helping matters. It just makes me want more. I've had half a big bar of it already today. So to the photographer I say... Brilliant work, just a little too brilliant. I might have to actually go look at something else or I'll end up feasting on the rest of my Aero bar which appears to be sitting winking at me.


  1. Its just an Easter treat for baby.... awwwwww. heheee i say go for it! X

    1. Ha ha! I am indeed enjoying my final few weeks of eating for two!

  2. I've not had an aero for years, I forgot how much I like them! *wonders if you can buy them in Cyprus*

  3. Well, if they don't sell them I'd get a special chocolate package sent over! Don't forget to get the orange ones as well!


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