Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Untitled image by -feva-

Untitled by -feva-
Untitled, a photo by -feva- on Flickr.

Well what a difference a day makes. Over the past few days I've been feeling so emotionally and physically drained. Everything's been achy and I've just been feeling really down. Today, however, was a good day! The sun has been shining (a bit anyway), my daughter and I had a lovely day with friends and generally I'm not hurting as much. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a good day too. It seems like such a cop out to blame hormones but seriously these extra little buggers floating around (or whatever hormones do) don't help make pregnancy a smooth ride.

I love this particular picture because it's been captured at exactly the right moment. It's great how the photographer has managed to get this shot just as the curtain is blown away to reveal that stunning wooden door. I think all the vibrant colours are fantastic as well. It can't have been the most beautiful of days weatherwise if the wind was blowing this strongly but that doesn't stop this being a fantastic photo. I have to remember to think like this photo if I'm having a hormonal moment. There are often blustery grey days but behind that life is still beautiful and the sun will come out again tomorrow.


  1. I don't know if there's been something in the air but I've had a rubbish couple of days too! Here's to tomorrow being a brand new day x

  2. Yeah, the crappy days end eventually, I'm glad you are feeling happier today. I've had a few miserable days recently, they pass.

    This pic makes me happy, reminds me of holidays, nosying down cobbled streets and past lemon groves....*sigh*

    Sam x


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