Monday, 16 April 2012

Untitled image by buttonheart / Chloe Price

Untitled by buttonheart / Chloe Price
Untitled, a photo by buttonheart / Chloe Price on Flickr.

I am a sucker for a pretty notebook. In fact I love notenooks so much I am always saving them "for best". Who know what "best" is meant to be though. I have therefore decided to start using all my notebooks whether they're for something special or not. After all shouldn't everything I choose to write down be fabulous enough to have a pretty cover.

I love this photo. It's so bright, clean and also rather subtle. But most of all I really, really, really love that book on top with all the cameras on it. I want one. And if it was mine I'd write in it every day whether it be best or not - promise.

1 comment:

  1. What is it with notebooks? Are there people that really can use them? I think we should definitely hunt down the one with the cameras on it.


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