Wednesday, 21 December 2011

'buddy xmas' by chotda

buddy xmas by chotda
buddy xmas, a photo by chotda on Flickr.

I guess it's the same every year but this year, probably because I'm pregnant, it feels like December has been super busy. So far I've done a photography course in London, found out the sex of our baby, visited friends and family, been to Christmas parties for grown ups and Christmas parties for children, had friends come to visit, been to a carol concert, been to a very excellent pre-school nativity, done a lot of shopping, had lots of nice lunches out, and that's on top of the usual groups and activities that I do with my daughter. To be totally honest with you I'm rather looking forward to a bit of a sit down in January! I'm shattered!

In fact I kind of resemble the cute puppy in this photo right now. What a lovely picture. I'm not sure if the dog's heart was totally in this photoshoot though. Perhaps red and white isn't his chosen colour for headwear! I'm not generally a doggy person but I have to admit this photo is rather terrific. Simple, festive and made me smile.

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