Friday, 30 December 2011

'bedroom' by I put deadly nightshade in your cup of tea.

It was a very exciting day in our house today as we swapped our daughter's toddler bed for a proper single bed. Of course that meant nothing else fitted where it used to so lots of reshuffling has been done but it now looks terrific. Actually it looks rather grown up. My little girl is definitely not my baby any more. Not even a toddler in fact. Sigh.... I wonder if she'll let me hang out in there too.

I thought this photo was rather appropriate to accompany this post. It's so girly and dreamy. I'd love a bedroom like that. That bed looks so cozy. I love the fairy lights and how well they have been captured in this picture. But most of all I love photos and other pictures on the wall in the background. I feel inspired - I'd love to do this somewhere in my home.


  1. Aw, such a big day! We did it a few weeks ago and MC looks so tiny in such a small bed....the good thing is at least we can get in there with our daughters for cuddles now if we want without being contortionists :)

    Happy New Year to you and your family and here's to 2012 and the birth of our new babies xx

  2. I thought she'd look tiny in there too but she takes so many toys and books to bed with her she seems to fit quite perfectly now!! And yes, we've done bedtime cuddles for the past two nights and it's been lovely.

    Happy new year to you too x x x


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