Saturday, 10 December 2011

'full english' by reya.

full english by reya.
full english, a photo by reya. on Flickr.

Do you eat breakfast? To be honest I never used to, I always preferred that little bit longer in bed. Plus eating food that early in the morning never really appealled to me. Since my daughter came along though I can't function unless I've had something to eat in the morning - usually cereal. One thing I can't imagine finding the space for first thing is a fried breakfast. Now, I love a good fry up but first thing in the morning - urgh, not sure I could stomach that. Unless I'm staying in a hotel that is! Then for some reason I hit the breakfast buffet at full speed!

This breakfast picture caught my attention firstly because it made me feel hungry but also I really liked the angle it was taken at. Much more interesting than taking it from above like many people capture plates of food. I bet not many shots were taken before the photographer tucked right in!

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  1. Oh my - I want to eat that RIGHT NOW and I've just had lunch...


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