Wednesday, 28 December 2011

'My first shoes' by Bozowizard

My first shoes by Bozowizard
My first shoes, a photo by Bozowizard on Flickr.

Although I really do love digital photography Polaroid and other instant cameras have always fascinated me. Earlier this year I got my hands on a secondhand Polaroid 600 camera but was really disappointed with the results. Reluctant to spend a fortune on the Impossible Project film for it I decided that the next time I tried instant photography it would be with a modern camera. I now own such camera as my dearest husband bought me a Polaroid 300 for Christmas. I'm so excited about getting started with it but I am also so wary of wasting photos as with just 10 exposures per film you can't just snap away like with a digital camera.

I will of course let you know how I get on with my camera in due course but for the time being I'll just show you a few instant pictures I love by other photographers. I think this one is so cute. What adorable little shoes. A perfect subject for a photo. What I really love though is the gorgeous sunlight. It just goes to show that a beautiful day can be captured on any type of camera.

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