Friday, 23 December 2011

'Festive stuff' by Me

Festive stuff by PhotoPuddle
Festive stuff, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

I decided today to take a few photos of festive bits and pieces from around the house and here's my favourite snap. I like it because it's just so random. It also makes me laugh that we have so many boxes of mince pies in the house and I don't even like them. My husband and daughter love them though so I'm sure they won't go to waste! I'll just stick with the great big boxes of chocolate that are always kicking around the house at Christmas.

Two more sleeps! Squeeeal!


  1. I didn't like mince pies for years but always helped my Mum make them each year as a child. I then started making them as an adult as it didn't feel like Christmas until I had..... and one year I decided to try one and loved it! This year I made 6 batches!

    Loving your festive photos :)

  2. We have a huge stock of mince pies too.....Merry Christmas!!

  3. Thank you so much for your blog. Have a happy holiday to you and your family.

    Lisa x

  4. I love this picture! Happy Holidays :)


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