Tuesday, 13 December 2011

'~ summer love ~' by ~Fussel~

~ summer love ~ by ~Fussel~
~ summer love ~, a photo by ~Fussel~ on Flickr.

Well I spoke too soon about it not blowing a gale yesterday. The wind did indeed get much stronger in the night, so strong in fact that one of our fence panels came down and has squished one of our patio chairs. Serves us right really, we should have put all that away by now!

Because the weather is so cold and miserable outside I really felt the need for a hot and summery photo this evening. This one does the trick! I feel much warmer just looking at it. Those warm tones are wonderful and I really like the creative angle. I don't know if it was really there or added afterwards but I think the balloon finishes it off perfectly - especially as it matches the flowers exactly.

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